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Running AtomSite on Hosting Providers by JarrettV
With the recent release of AtomSite 1.4, we are working on making AtomSite install on more hosting providers.  Our biggest change in this direction was the medium trust support.I've personally run AtomSite on two hosting providers: AspNix and DiscountAsp.  There was a huge difference between…
Posted 4/30/2010 6:20:00 PM - CST
AtomSite 1.4 Update in Web Platform Gallery by JarrettV
AtomSite is now up-to-date in the Web Platform Gallery aka  This makes it incredibly easy to install AtomSite and have IIS7 configured. This is why on our new download page we have it marked as the featured way to download AtomSite.When you install AtomSite using through the…
Posted 4/15/2010 5:32:42 PM - CST
AtomSite 1.4 Widgets Release by JarrettV
This release of AtomSite 1.4 contains a new widget management system that allows you to personalize your site with ease.  We've also improved the AtomSite Manager in many areas.Most pages and some widgets have customizable areas.  You can include widgets into these customizable areas to alter the…
Posted 4/1/2010 5:17:00 AM - CST


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